World Trade City

World Trade City® Asset Management

  • World Trade City® Asset Management Limited is established to realize World Trade City®, which is the most advanced development model for the next generation. The World Trade City® is creative and progressive in a way that the shortfalls of the current building-oriented development method may be fully met.
  • World Trade City® is a ‘City within City’ which makes residents and enterprises closer through Finance, Trade, Education, IT, Bio/Medical technology, Cultural exchange, Residential environment, Entertainment sectors. It will perfectly meet all the demands from residents and enterprises with the cutting-edged technology and Infrastructures.
  • As a result, World Trade City® is to develop the multiple complexes which tie global enterprises, organizations and people together, necessary for the whole city to grow. Using its own worldwide network, World Trade City® will play a pivotal role as a growth engine and provide the best venues for the business and residents, consequently, bring economic dynamism to the entire city.
World Trade City®
Different from the existing residential and commercial facility-oriented development, World Trade City® is the original, creative and advanced city development model that World Trade City® Group Holdings AG committed to. World Trade City® is a new concept of a modern city combining one or multiple themes such as Finance, Trade, Education, IT, Bio/Medical, Culture, Residence, Entertainment and etc. It is more suitable than any other city model to the population / residence / natural environment for the 21st century. For this, we are applying a variety of our own operation/ management know-hows to the whole areas, i.e. residence-production-distribution-consumption facilities, within the city.
Business Area


Residents in World Trade City® live in the “modern hub” built upon high-technology. For this, World Trade City® will be designed as “City within City” that can fully satisfy all the businesses, shopping, culture and residential facilities within the same complex.